Step 3: ‘The Eviction’

Difficult tenants often refuse to vacate the property even after the Court has ordered them to do so.

If your tenant is stubborn enough to remain in the property after the date set by the Court then you will need to arrange for the Court Bailiff to issue a Warrant for Possession and make an appointment to attend your property to enforce the court order and remove the tenant.

In this unlikely event, we will prepare all of the papers and arrange an appointment with the Court Bailiff to carry out the Eviction and return the property back to the landlord for a fixed fee of only:

£255.00 – inclusive of all Court Fees & VAT

Step 3 is usually the final Step in recovering your property. Once the eviction has been successfully carried out and you have your property back you can re-let or sell your property and get your investment back on track.

If your tenant owes rent arrears under the court order and has not settled the amount proceed to Step 4 under our debt recovery service to see our wide range of affordable services to recover your money.