Step 2: ‘The Court Proceedings’

Notice has been served and your tenant has failed to vacate your property or settle the arrears, the next step is to issue Court Proceedings.

In circumstances where the problem tenant isn’t co-operating you need to begin the process to evict the tenant as soon as possible.

Claim for Possession & Rent Arrears

Our Solicitors & Advocates will prepare and issue the ‘Court Proceedings’ against your tenant using the ‘Standard Procedure’ and obtain a court date for the hearing within 48 hours of the issue of proceedings.

Attending Court can be disruptive or inconvenient for you. To make the process as seamless as possible for you, our Advocates will attend the hearing with you, if you wish to attend, to state your case to the Judge on your behalf and obtain an Order for possession of your property.

Once the Order has been made, your tenant will usually have 14 days to vacate your property and pay the outstanding rent arrears.

Claim for Possession Only

If you only want to recover your property, our lawyers will prepare and issue Court proceedings under the ‘Accelerated Procedure’ and conduct the case on your behalf.

Recover your property and/or rent arrears for a fixed fee for only:

Inclusive of all Court Fees, Legal Costs & VAT

The vast majority of tenants will vacate the property at this stage. However, some tenants may still refuse to leave despite being ordered to do so.

If this is the case you will need to proceed to Step 3 – ‘The Eviction’.