Squatters & Trespassers

As a Landlord you are within your rights to decide who can stay in your property and this right is exercised by granting tenancy agreements to those who you have chosen to allow to reside in your property.

Sometimes, these rights are ignored by individuals who feel it is their right to occupy your property without permission.

The only way to lawfully evict a Squatter or Trespasser from your property is with a Court Order and we can assist you in obtaining the order to get your property back.

We offer a simple 2 step process which is completely compliant with all of the legal requirements under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977:

Step 1 – ‘Court Proceedings’

Our solicitors will advise you on your case, prepare and draft all of the court papers and arrange for the papers to be issued in the appropriate court. We will also arrange for the immediate service of the papers on the trespassers.

Our Solicitors & Advocates are specialists in trespass proceedings and will attend the court hearing and present your case on your behalf in order to obtain a Court Order for possession of your property. This service is:

Inclusive of all Court Fees, Legal Costs & VAT

Step 2 – ‘Enforcement’

We will prepare draft and file with the court all of the relevant court papers to enforce the eviction of the trespassers from your property.

We will instruct the Court Bailiff or the High Court Sheriff depending on your needs and ensure that your property is free from trespassers & squatters as soon as possible for:

Inclusive of all Court Fees, Legal Costs & VAT
If your property is a commercial premises, the procedure is slightly different. Please Contact Us and we will advise you as to the correct and most effective method to recover your property.