Step 1 – ‘The Solicitor’s letter’

Under our ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ service we write a formal ‘letter before action/notice of court proceedings’ to the debtor asking for the money debt or outstanding rent to be paid within a time frame specified by you – this is typically 14 days. All we need from you is details of the debt and if you have a written agreement or an invoice we will need a copy of that, or any other relevant documents.

We tailor our debt recovery correspondence to your needs. For instance, our letter can be as demanding or as conciliatory as you need; your instructions may be to preserve the business or individual relationship with the debtor whilst remaining firm in the tone of the correspondence.

If the debt is paid within the period specified we will charge a very competitive small fixed fee (from as little as £10 plus vat) for the letter which has been pre agreed with you.

If you get no response within the time frame we will make no charge and we will advise you of the next stage – court proceedings.

If you would like to use this service please fill in the enquiry form on the contact page or contact us on the details opposite.

Benefits of using this service:

• There is little or no cost to you

• Professional and firm Solicitors’ letter will show your debtor that you should not be ignored

• We may be able to provoke a response whereas the debtor may not have responded to you, or has given excuses for non payment

• Your business relationship may be preserved and future payments may be on time

• We specialise in this area of law and have experience of dealing with debtors on behalf of a large range of individual and business clients.