Agency & Advocacy

Agency & Advocacy

We offer a nationwide Agency & Advocacy service for individuals, Solicitors’ firms and institutions such as Banks and Government Departments. We undertake many of our Agency services on a competitive fixed fee basis rather than hourly rates.

Our offices are conveniently located next to Milton Keynes County Court which enables us to offer a fast, efficient and economical service for all of your Court hearing and document filing needs at the Milton Keynes County Court. Given our proximity to the Court we do not charge for travelling time when acting on an agency basis in the Milton Keynes County Court and often waiting time is minimised.

For civil Court matters our nationwide team of Advocates can attend almost any County Court throughout England & Wales on your behalf, and where possible at short notice if required. Given our excellent proximity to London and Birmingham we can either attend personally or arrange for the urgent filing of papers, or make applications, at the Royal Courts of Justice or the Birmingham District Registry of the High Court simply and quickly.

Our Advocates are legally trained specialists each with an extensive knowledge of the civil procedure rules and their local County Court administrative practices.

We ensure that our Advocates have the appropriate Rights of Audience for your case by either their own qualifications or by authorisation under s.18 of the Legal Services Act 2007.

If you would like to instruct us to attend Milton Keynes County Court, or any other court in England & Wales on your behalf please Contact Us.