Step 1: ‘The Notice’

If your tenant is in arrears and you want your property and your rent or if you just want your property back, the law requires that a written notice must be served on your tenant.

There are two main types of Notice and a member of our team will advise you which Notice is appropriate for your case.

Our aim is to legally evict your tenants and return your property to you as quickly as possible and to achieve this, our Solicitors will prepare all eviction notices within 48 hours of receiving your instructions.

We will prepare and serve the correct notice for an all inclusive fee of only:

£42.00 – Inc VAT

In most cases, this step is enough to show your tenant that you are serious and will pay their rent arrears or vacate without any difficulty, however if your tenant fails to vacate your property you will need to proceed to Step 2.

Read more on Notices or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.