Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Commercial Disputes:

Trade and Commerce inevitably gives rise to issues which sometime become litigious. There are countless scenarios such as disputes over business documents, disagreements over terms and conditions, problems with the import and export of goods, litigation relating to franchise businesses or issues with agency and distributorship. Applying our technical legal experience and commercial awareness coupled with your unique and in depth knowledge of your business we will work with you on any commercial contentious issue to get the right result for your business when disputes arise.

Where it is favourable for the outcome that best applies to your business we will advise you of the appropriate methods of dispute resolution (link this to the dispute resolution page) to avoid a complex and costly court battle. Obviously, if Court action is unavoidable, we will offer you effective guidance and work with you through the matter.

Corporate Litigation:

Boardroom, Partnership or Shareholder disputes are an example of the many facets of Corporate Litigation. It is often the case that you have been working closely with Partners, co Directors or co shareholders and so when disagreements occur, emotions can run high. We aim to provide clear and pragmatic solutions to minimise disruption to your business productivity and at the same time we keep a keen eye on the cost.

Examples of Corporate Litigation scenarios that our team have assisted on include:

– Advising on majority and minority Shareholder rights in a takeover matter
– Guiding Partners through the dissolution of a Partnership
– Negotiating the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding between Directors and Shareholders
– Liaising with the FSA and Creditors during the potential winding up of an investment business following a Directors’ dispute
– Successfully defending an Injunction in the High Court and Companies Court on behalf of de facto financial controllers of a company
– Advising in Directors’ Disqualification Proceedings

If you would like to know more about our Commercial and Corporate Litigation services, please Contact Us our team would be delighted to have a no obligation chat about your matter to see how we can help.