Intellectual Property Solutions

Life was different when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits in Grandma’s homemade crumble.

We understand that in today’s technological age, businesses need to protect the value and potential of their brands in order to achieve the maximum return on their investment. Businesses use commercial know-how to create ground breaking innovations which can all be treated as assets and physical property.

The development, marketing and then protection of ‘intellectual property rights’ are of the utmost importance to businesses and our team can offer you practical and commercial advice with a flexible approach to fees.

The focal areas of intellectual property rights are: copyright, patents, trade marks, design rights, protection from passing off, and the protection of confidential information.

If you or your business is the subject of an intellectual property dispute or if you feel some one has infringed on your rights, our team can help resolve the dispute quickly, cost-effectively and with minimum risk and disruption. We understand the pressures disputes have on a business and your commercial objectives are our main concern.

We strive to settle disputes as efficiently as possible and if, in the event that we are unable to settle your case, we will vigorously defend your rights through the courts to get a successful outcome for you.

If you suspect your intellectual property rights are being infringed or if you would like discuss the protection of your rights, please Contact Us.